3D Shapes

                      CAD DESIGN             

In this section we are going to combine several concepts:
  • 3D shapes
  • Recognisig tridimensional shapes in buildings and other constructions.
  • Looking for information on the Internet about buildings and their architects.
  • Knowing architecture styles
  • Separating compound 3D structures in simpler shapes/structures
  • Modeling 3D stuctures with Thinker Cad software
  • Instagram
Activity 1: Designing a building

1. The teacher gives the students a list of famous buildings and their architects, and students must look for them on the Internet.

2. Students must look for different photos of the building from several angles, information about the architect and the style.

3. By using Thinker Cad, students should replicate the building by using addition and substraction of 3D shapes.

4. When the replica was done, students will design a document with all the information (architect, location, style, 3D shapes,...)

- List of buildings/sculptures ordered by difficulty from 1 to 3

- Thinker Cad App website

- More designs and examples 1   2   3

Activity 2: Instagram photo exhibition in your school
    3D shapes might be found all around in parcs, buildings, streets, and so on. Students must look for 3D shapes/structures locally, take photos and send them by Instagram to the teacher or a group administrator. Later, you can organise a Math photo exhibition in your school.

    You can use this activity for other Maths concepts as simetry, graphs, probability...


    1. This task might be carried out individually or in pairs.
    2. Activity development, 2 options:
             - Students look for 3D shapes all around.
             - Teacher ask students for 3D shapes (sphere, cube, pyramid,...) and they should find them in local buildings, parcs, streets, and so on.

    Students must desig a sheet for the exhibition with information about the shape.

    - Instagram

    - Final task: Instagram Photo exhibition at school

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