Wednesday, 2 March 2016


Motivation - Interest- Authenticity - Creativity - Team work

This blog is an open space where teachers and educators can share their experiences and resources. Sometimes Maths subject it's hard to teach and we need extra activities to motivate our students, also Education is changing and we, educators, must change our methodologies in order to adapt them to the new times. So, creativity, motivation, outdoor and real activities, authenticity and team work, must be the basis of our lessons.

Enjoy with this Blog and it is up to you to contribute with new resources. MANY THANKS!

In the 21st century, companies need people who are innovative, flexible, and creative, with high levels of emotional and social intelligence.

We have noticed that students are lacking of motivation and are being blamed for acting out, but in reality teachers do not provide students motivating lessons. We’d like to show our students the 21st century classroom scenarios, inside and outside classrooms.

However, traditional teaching strategies can create frustration for people who are comfortable with less traditional learning modalities, such as kinesthetic, visual, interpersonal, intrapersonal, musical, or naturalist. In our opinion, we have to help all students to use their full thinking potential. That’s why we add to our Math activities a different focus. We will include ICT and "move Maths outdoor" to facilitate authentic and experiential learning.